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                               Pests are a kind of species (destructive insects or other animals), that can be perceived to be harmful to a person’s health, Ecology or Economy, as they attack the food, livestock, crops etc of human beings. A Pest Control refers to the regulation or management of those species defined as a pest. We, the Kalinga Pest Control (KPC), the prominent Pest management Company in Odisha, offers a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services in an affordable budget by using the latest technology with high Quality Products and Modern Equipment. KPC have adequate number of highly Educated, Gentle, fully Efficient & well Experienced Professional Technicians to solve all your pest problems. Finally, what ever may be the Pest, We can drive them out  from your happy world in a Hygienic and Environment friendly way.

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Know Your Pests


                Pest identification can be tricky. That’s why Kalinga Pest Control developed the following list of pest identification and control measures for pesky insects, weeds, rodents, animals, microbes, wild-lives  and other organisms. Pests are defined as any harmful, noxious or troublesome organism that could be invading your house, garden, factory or office etc.

                The  correct identification of harmful pests make it easier in controlling them and often more effective. A mistake in identification can lead to improper control tactics that cost time and money. It may also lead to unnecessary risks to people or the environment. Make sure about your correct identification of pests before deciding on a treatment or control method.

                 This should not be used as a substitute for professional pest control. Our trained, certified technicians will properly assess your pest infestation and create a plan to eradicate the pests in the safest most environmentally friendly manner possible.

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Control Your Pests


                Prevention is always better than procrastination. Self sanitation and cleanliness can be treated as Self pest Control.  safe use of pesticides depends on many things. Selecting the appropriate product, and using that product according to the label directions is important. The label directions are written to minimize the risk of problems and to define the legal uses for the produce.

  • Before mixing and applying pesticides you have to sure that, kids, pets, and anyone non-essential to the application is out of the area.
  • Be sure to wear clothing that, will protect you when using pesticides.
  • Consider wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and closed-toe shoes in addition to any other protective clothing or equipment required by the label.
  • Mix pesticides outdoors or in well-ventilated areas.
  • Always mix only what you need to use in the short term to avoid storing or disposing of excess 

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WHY to Choose KPC


  • We properly analyze and diagnose the problem before starting any treatment
  • KPC uses the latest and proven technologies & remedies with modern devices.
  • Use of hazardless, odourless and eco-friendly techniques.
  • We have educated, gentle, well trained and highly experienced technicians.
  • KPC uses hygienic, environmental friendly & registered public health Safe pesticides .
  • We provides free estimation facility with intensive inspection process..
  • Same-Day Service and completion of work on due  date and time .
  • We are Licensed, Insured, and Bonded.
  • KPC will be in touch with you till end of your problem so we provide warranties to our clients.
  • Locally owned and operated.
  • Your Sanctification is our motto.

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CMD-cum-CEO, KalingaPestControl

  • Have good knowledge on Pest Control and well experienced in Company Management and Services. Meets all  the customers personally  and regular monitoring  all the work for  best service. Using latest technology and modern devices  for the high quality services.
  • Studied Costing at ICWAI, Kolkata
  • Studied MBA Finance at G.M.(Auto) College, Sambalpur
  • Studied M.Com (Accounts) at F. M. Autonomous college, Balasore

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              To get Pest free Home, just 30 mins, Fill the Contact Us form or call us on +91-9040210795 for free consultation of General Pest Control treatment. Our team members will suggest you for the best solutions in an affordable budget.

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                   For this continuing rainy Season of 2017, we offer 05% of discount for any Pest Control Services to safe your home from different water borne disease. Hurry, call us +91-9040210795 or Email us info@kalingapestcontrol.com .This is a limited period offer.

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New pest devastating maize crop in Karnataka

DHARWAD: A large scale outbreak of a new pest is devastating maize crop throughout Karnataka.  The occurrence of pests has been reported by entomologists A S Vastrad and P S Hugar of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad and Shashidar Viraktamath, Emeritus...

Nipah virus outbreak in India:

Kerala's Kozhikode is on high alert as a deadly virus called 'Nipah' (NiV) claimed six lives in the state. The fast-spreading virus Nipah reported has a mortality rate of 70 per cent. The central government on Monday sent a multi-disciplinary Central team...

Stink bugs invade into homes in Bhubaneswar outskirts

BHUBANESWAR: Residents in and around Chandaka Sanctuary area in the city are a harried lot as stink bugs are invading their homes and the locality in unprecedented numbers. The bugs born from flowering of ferny bamboo inside the Chandaka forest has been...

Odisha Family Finds Venomous Cobra At Home

NEW DELHI:  An Indian cobra (Naja naja) was filmed laying 23 eggs in Odisha's Bhubaneswar. The venomous cobra was rescued from a family's home by a snake catcher on April 27. The state's Snake Helpline filmed the reptile laying the eggs, which are now being...

World’s Largest Rodent Eradication Project a Success

After nearly a decade of planning and four sub-Antarctic seasons of work by an exceptional international team, the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) has today [Tuesday 8 May] declared South Georgia free of rodents for the first time since humans arrived...

Another Mosquito Species May Carry Zika Virus

Another mosquito may carry the Zika virus, but more research is needed to confirm the early lab tests, University of Florida scientists reported. UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers detected Zika in the saliva of southern...

Bhubaneswar: Snake found resting on hanger in a house

In yet another incident, a snake entered the house of man at Bhagabat Sandhan Colony in Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar. The man, who returned from a wedding ceremony suddenly saw the snake resting on a rack, where he hangs his clothes. The man immediately informed the Snake...

Cuttack reeling under mosquito menace

CUTTACK: Mosquito menace is nothing new for Millennium city but over the past fortnight the issue has reached the unbearable level. Residents have alleged that the problem has turned acute due to negligence and lackadaisical attitude of the Cuttack...

Double stranded RNA treatment can reduce fertility of adult house fly pests

Double stranded RNA (dsRNA) can effectively reduce house fly fertility, and shows promise as a pest control method, according to a study published January 17, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Neil Sanscrainte from the USDA/ARS Center for...

Farmers left in lurch as banned pesticides flood Odisha markets

Bhubaneswar: Farmers in the Odisha are now clueless as several pesticides either banned by Centre or State government are still available in the open markets and being used by farmers here. The confusion has aggravated the problems for the farmers who are...

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