NEW DELHI:  An Indian cobra (Naja naja) was filmed laying 23 eggs in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar. The venomous cobra was rescued from a family’s home by a snake catcher on April 27. The state’s Snake Helpline filmed the reptile laying the eggs, which are now being artificially incubated.

Just before releasing the cobra into the wild, the rescuer released the cobra had laid three eggs in the bag he was carrying it in and called Odisha’s Snake Helpline. Subhendu Mallik, the organisation’s General Secretary, asked the snake catcher not to release the snake but bring it to the Snake Helpline’s office instead so the cobra could comfortably lay its eggs.

Mr Mallik told NDTV he provided a well-ventilated plastic box, lined with newspaper, to allow the cobra to lay its eggs safely. By the time the snake was brought to Snake Helpline’s office though, Mr Mallik said it had already laid eight eggs. It went on to lay a total of 23 eggs. Mr Mallik said he filmed the cobra laying eggs because it’s typically a sight not seen by snake enthusiasts and conservationists.

The cobra was later released into the wild. The eggs are being artificially incubated for upto 60 days, which is how long snake eggs typically take to hatch. After that, the hatchlings will be released back into the wild.

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