Bees and its Problems:




                    Bees seen around a home are most often carpenter, bumble or honey bees. Bees are a menace at home or in the garden, their stings can cause harm to children and pets and can be fatal at times for which bees can be considered to be a nuisance to most people.   Identifying which type of bee you are dealing with is the first step before the start of Bee Management. 

                       While some bees are solitary, species such as honey bees and bumblebees are tremendously social. Bee colonies are comprised of three castes: the queen bee, infertile female worker bees and male drones. The queen mates and lays eggs for the span of her life. Honey bee queens can live up to five years, though most average a lifespan of two to three years. Male drones exist solely to fertilize the queen and die soon after having fulfilled their task. Female worker bees perform a multitude of tasks necessary for the survival of the hive. As a result of their constant labouring, their average life span is usually a mere six weeks.

                      Bees are an important part of the ecosystem that, have garnered much attention in the media. While protecting them is important, this does not mean you should share your living space with them. Some species can damage your home or become hostile. The good news is that they are generally less destructive than rats or termites. The bad news is that they are sometimes difficult to remove.  The only way to rid your home of bees is to remove the hive entirely. This precarious task requires the correct tools and strategy. For safety and efficiency purposes, a pest control expert should be consulted before any bee control technique is attempted.               

KPC Work Features on Bee Management: 

Bee removal can be a challenge, and knowing how to get rid of bees depends on a variety of factors. We at KPC Consider them to have great Ecological importance. In light of this, we conduct a professional Bee Management service that, is Eco-Friendly by removing the hives and solving your problem without killing the bees.

  • The service is completely Eco-Friendly and our technicians ensure that the bees are not killed during the removal
  • Bees are essential pollinators and are critical to the Eco-System
  • Bees are protected by the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 which makes killing them illegal
  • Our trained technicians delicately displace bees from the hive using Eco-friendly methods.
  • The hive is then removed, forcing the bees to relocate.

Our Service Offerings on Bee Management:

  • KPC provides a one-time service specific to the requirements of the customer.
  • Although bees are important, they can pose a threat.
  • Why not choose a service that protects both you and the bees at all times.


April 2021

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