Rodents and its Problems:

                     As the majority of rats species prefer sunny climates, our climate is very suitable for many of them. The few species found here can be a nuisance when they get into your home. Garden or rats aren’t thought to carry diseases, the trouble is you don’t know where they’ve been foraging outside, so you won’t warts them marching through your food cupboards. Rats will travel in a wide range searching for food, following trails they have established and clustering around the source of food, becoming a nuisance in homes, organisations and businesses. Small piles of earth around holes in soil and at the base of exterior walls indicate their origin. If rates are found in your locality or storage area we suggest you for Rodent Management in the area. Kalinga Pest Control provides special Rodent Management drive to keep safe your storage area.

Rodent Management by Kalinga Pest Control :

                    We track down where they are coming in and seal off the entry point. Clear up any sticky residues on worktops, because rats are attracted to sweet things. Again we cover up any foodstuffs which could be a food source for rats. If you are still having trouble with the little pests, then you can call on the experts. Our external Rats Bait Station uses the rats roaming instinct to it’s advantage, providing an insecticide bait which they eat and take back to the nest – effectively eliminating the colony. The tamper resistrats lid allows it to be used safely in areas used by children and pets.

How Does We Work ?

                   KPC’s trained experts inspect the affected areas and strategically use our in-house products such as Trubble Gum  and Roban with our Rodabox technology. After the infestation is cleared, our experts will provide detailed suggestions on how to prevent re-infestations.

What’s included in the service?

  • Procedure – Eco-friendly sticky glue boards will be fixed and traps will be placed where required
  • Time taken – 30 mins to 2 hours
  • Warranty – No warranty
  • Suggestion – Seal all cracks & openings in your house after treatment to prevent rodents from entering
  • Do’s – Use rat proofing measures
  • Don’ts – Do not touch glue traps or baits
  • Please refer FAQ’s for more service related details

KPC Work Features Rodent Management:

  • Our service uses complete eco-friendly solutions.
  • Products and techniques implemented are 100% non-toxic to humans and pets.
  • The service includes our lockable tamper-proof Rodabox baiting and trapping station if required.

Our Service Offerings Rodent Management:

  • We offer an annual contract with treatment and regular check-ups and monitoring.
  • KPC specializes in world-class service of rodent control while adhering to international food safety standards.


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